Water Control Systems

Water control valves are designed to handle and control the flow of water through many types of water systems including hot and cold water, ground water, potable water, salt water and wastewater. From stop/start values that control non-throttled systems, to control valves that manage flow direction and speed, Curtis Products has manufactured the parts necessary to ensure that your control valves meet the requirements of the system and perform consistently.

Reliability and Performance

Whether your valves leverage linear or rotary motion, water control valve parts from Curtis Products will ensure your valves are reliable, durable, and are made from the best materials to support valve performance.

Water Control Systems
Water Control Systems

World-Class Supply Partner You Can Trust

With over 70 years of experience manufacturing high performance and precision screw machine parts, Curtis Products knows what it takes to deliver for our customers. From material expertise in stainless-steel and lead-free brass, to supporting inventory agreements and production methodologies like Kanban, we are ready to fit seamlessly into your production process.

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